Massage in Peebles by Melanie Riley

Sport & Remedial Massage in Peebles by Melanie Riley

Get a Sports and Remedial Massage in Peebles from Melanie Riley.

I’m a fully qualified massage therapist based in Peebles High Street, close to the Glentress mountain biking centre – which is handy!

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Before attending for a massage therapy appointment, please print, complete and bring these forms with you:

If you do not have a printer, we have copies to complete on arrival.

You do not have to be an athletic sporty person to benefit from massage, but if you do any form of sport or exercise you will recover quicker and suffer fewer aches and strains if you have a regular massage as part of your training regime.

If you are doing less exercise because of pain or an injury or operation, then massage therapy can ease the tension that has built up; helping you to recover from injury and regain your normal pain free activities.

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Therapeutic massage can help a wide range of people including cyclist swimmers tennis players, triathletes, runners, horse riders childminders, office workers, gardeners, teachers, joiners, retirees and massage therapists; the list goes on…!!!

Massage therapy treatments use a variety of techniques which are highly effective in relieving pain, rehabilitating injury, increasing joint mobility and releasing stress – whether the result of sport or leisure activity, poor posture or a medical conditions.

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Melanie Riley Massage: Silver Tree Studio – Upper Pennels Close, High Street, Peebles, EH45 8AG